UX | Community Manager in Asia

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

3 months ago


Passionate community creator, dedicated to nurturing online spaces. I do my best to ensure smooth interactions and a sense of belonging. Moderating discussions, I foster positivity and genuine connections. My dedication to user experience goes beyond design, shaping digital landscapes for the better. Crafting dynamic communities, I prioritize inclusivity and engagement.

Beyond this, I provide IT & educational advice when not shaping online communities. I'm always curious & never stop learning.

This CV is solely for my experience with communities on the interwebs. For my professional resume, please contact me.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
5.0k+ Members

The community is for talking about tech, building PC's and general troubleshooting.

2023 — Now
8.0k+ Members

This community is dedicated to helping prospective information security individuals, students, enthusiasts, and professionals get started, foster growth, and talk about anything related to the cybersecurity industry.

2023 — Now
3.0k+ Members

A subreddit to discuss all Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform certifications.

2023 — Now
2.0k+ Members

A subreddit to discuss Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity certifications.

2023 — Now
Moderator at Lushfoil Photography Sim
10k+ Members

A discord community for the game Lushfoil Photography Simulator.

2022 — 2022
Moderator at Defender Dome
10k+ Members
  • Related mainly to politics & intelligence.

  • Advocated for the use of moderation bots and set them up.

2021 — 2022
Community Manager at Spectrum
1.9k+ Members
  • A now defunct community related to the topic of mental health. The community was eventually shut down by it's owner w/o any notice.

  • Managed and setup moderation bots such as Dyno & Wick.

  • Created new guidelines more compatible with the theme of the community.

  • Overhauled the design of the server, such as but not limited to categories, channels, embeds, roles & etc.

2020 — 2021
Administrator at Redacted
1.5k+ Members
  • A general community where people used to hang out, now defunct due to a merger.

  • Added and configured moderation, utility & general bots.

  • Prevented raids and managed moderators.

  • Implemented better server design and structure of the community.

2017 — 2018
Community Manager at UwU Home
500+ Members
  • A community server for casual hangouts and socializing.

  • Designed server banners, embeds, logo.

  • Curated short-form articles related to the community.

  • Managed the onboarding of community moderators.


2023 — Now
Playtester at Slitherine (Broken Arrow)

Beta tester for modern conflict RTS Broken Arrow. Tested multiplayer gameplay for bugs & issues.

2023 — Now
Tech Support at ilovePCs

Provide technical support for but not limited to Windows, applications, Linux, troubleshooting etc.

2023 — 2023
Playtester at Lushfoil (Photography Simulator)

Closed beta playtester for LPS. Tested and reported on bugs prior to game launch.

2019 — 2020
Playtester at StruckD

Closed beta playtester. Tested various new updates and assets while also giving conclusive feedback.


Community Assessment - Design & Engagement at Lushfoil
Community Assessment - Inactivity & Engagement at Cybercademy


Noon Academy's Discord Community

A session hosted by Noon Academy & r/IGCSE In which I presented & discussed the benefits, tips & resources for better time management.


Business Studies, Computer Science & Information Technology.


Backend Developer from Meta
Community Models & Frameworks from TheCR
IT Support from Google